I am not particularly sentimental about baby “things.” I never made baby books for either of my children, even though I was given numerous ones as gifts for both kids. I was terrible about taking those monthly pictures, never making it past the third month of slapping a milestone sticker on Arlo’s white onesie. I have kept only … Continue reading


When moving became a near certainty, I decided to finally tackle the unopened boxes of crap in our basement lingering from our move two years earlier. I am not at all a fan of lingering junk, and I was tempted to simply pick up these boxes and march them straight to the dumpster in the alley. … Continue reading

Wherever I’m With You

We moved. More precisely, we bought a house and moved into it this past weekend. The house is a 134 years-old total gut rehab. Old house on the outside, totally new on the inside. When I daydreamed about our family’s next roost in St. Louis, my visions looked nothing like this house. I imagined something with … Continue reading


Today my daughter is a year old. This morning I nursed her sitting on the end of our family room’s sofa, the same place where I kneeled, as if in prayer, birthing her on this day last year. A solid year. How can this be? This room is probably my least favorite one in our home. It is … Continue reading

On the Playground

I both admire and boggle at my son’s ability to make friends on the playground. Every kid there, big or small, is a friend to be made, a fantastic someone he simply hasn’t yet met. The playground is an equal-opportunity friendship party, and the dude came to party. He will eagerly skip into a throng of grade schoolers … Continue reading

2013, In Seemingly Small Moments

I didn’t send out Christmas cards in 2012. In the shuffle of my year’s-end priorities–the holidays, Arlo’s birthday, home birth preparation–the ol’ holiday card got axed.  It was a relief to take a break, but I missed the ritual of addressing envelopes and writing personal notes, and I felt super schmucky receiving gorgeous, thoughtful cards … Continue reading

This is the New Year

Ah, the obligatory end-of-year post. The one filled with all the things I want squeeze with relish from the New Year. There is so much I want from 2014, and also, somehow at the same time, I want absolutely nothing from it. How does that make any sense? Successful new year’s resolutions are those that … Continue reading

Thanksgiving: So Much Past Inside My Present

You know how you can look at pictures of your child as a newborn and at once see him as both the brand new stranger he was in that moment and as the complete character you know so well right now? I remember looking at Arlo as a new little soul with so much wonder; I’d try to envision what he might … Continue reading

The Far, Dark Corners

I was laying in bed the other night when my phone lit up with a text message from one of my old grad school friends in Virginia. Hi there, friend. I hope that you are doing well. I thought about you today after leaving my fertility doc with a prescription for hormone injections. I remember … Continue reading