The birth of Ailith

You woke me, just like your sister before you, in the early, dark hours of the morning, after another night of broken sleep. You signaled me with those unquestionable, unmistakable contractions, sending a Morse code message from the womb: Here I come.  I was ready for you. I had been waiting for you. Long before this … Continue reading

2014, In Words and Pictures

In so many ways–most ways, really–2014 could be measured by the mundane: how many loads of cloth diapers washed; the number of times we borrowed Mary Poppins from the public library (and the ensuing late fines when we could no longer renew it and kept it “just one more day”);  the number of yogurt/hummus/peanut butter … Continue reading

Dog Days

I was sitting on a wooden bench watching my kids tromp around the chilly, leaf-strewn playground when another mother came along, pushing a stroller with one hand and holding a dog leash in the other. Her dog, a petite West Highland Terrier with a biscuit-colored stripe down her shaggy back, made my breath catch. She … Continue reading

It feels sort of bizarre to just jump into a blog post without acknowledging the canyon-sized passage of time since my previous post. So, here: It’s been a really, really long while. I know. I’ve jumpstarted a few Microblog Monday posts, but, well, the engine never quite turned over. Stale drafts sit crusting over in my … Continue reading


I am not particularly sentimental about baby “things.” I never made baby books for either of my children, even though I was given numerous ones as gifts for both kids. I was terrible about taking those monthly pictures, never making it past the third month of slapping a milestone sticker on Arlo’s white onesie. I have kept only … Continue reading


When moving became a near certainty, I decided to finally tackle the unopened boxes of crap in our basement lingering from our move two years earlier. I am not at all a fan of lingering junk, and I was tempted to simply pick up these boxes and march them straight to the dumpster in the alley. … Continue reading

Wherever I’m With You

We moved. More precisely, we bought a house and moved into it this past weekend. The house is a 134 years-old total gut rehab. Old house on the outside, totally new on the inside. When I daydreamed about our family’s next roost in St. Louis, my visions looked nothing like this house. I imagined something with … Continue reading


Today my daughter is a year old. This morning I nursed her sitting on the end of our family room’s sofa, the same place where I kneeled, as if in prayer, birthing her on this day last year. A solid year. How can this be? This room is probably my least favorite one in our home. It is … Continue reading

On the Playground

I both admire and boggle at my son’s ability to make friends on the playground. Every kid there, big or small, is a friend to be made, a fantastic someone he simply hasn’t yet met. The playground is an equal-opportunity friendship party, and the dude came to party. He will eagerly skip into a throng of grade schoolers … Continue reading